What We Do


To keep our Seniors "Warm" we perform:

Weather-stripping/caulking of doors or windows
Re-screening of porches or screen doors
Addition of insulation
Minor repairs to heating/cooling unit, not to exceed $1000
Thermostat replacement
Ceiling fan replacement
Installation of window A/C unit


To keep our Seniors "Safe" we perform:

Electrical outlet replacement
Electrical fixture replacement
Minor electrical repair not to exceed $1000
Addition of exterior security lights
Repair/replacement of rotten floor joists
Repair/replacement of compromised floor sheathing
Re-decking of rotted porch wood
Step repair/replacement
Porch re-screening
Addition of new wheelchair ramps
Wheelchair ramp repair
Addition of exterior handrail
Screen door replacement
Storm/front door replacement (if determined needed to keep homeowner safe)
Replace broken window panes


To keep our Seniors "Dry" we perform:

Patching of roof holes
Installation of roof vents
Installation/repair of chimney flashing
Shingle replacement
Installation of drip edge
Gutter repair/replacement
Painting in event of unprotected wood or city citation
Fascia/soffit repair
Clearing of debris from around exterior of home

What We Don’t Do

Any repairs that are solely for cosmetic reasons (replacement of working fixtures, flooring, interior painting, etc.)
Painting solely for cosmetic reasons
Entire home re-wiring
Electrical repairs that exceed $1000
Cosmetic floor repairs such as carpeting, linoleum, etc.
New screening for unscreened porches
Foundation repair
Interior door replacement
Window replacement of any kind
Complete roof replacement
Water heater replacement
Galvanized pipe replacement
Tub replacement