What we do

HouseProud Atlanta works with local community groups to identify the seniors, veterans and disabled people who can benefit most by repairs designed to make their homes livable, so they can remain in them longer.

Then our staff works closely with highly qualified, licensed, and insured contractors to perform the repairs. Volunteers provide low to moderate level repairs limited to painting, siding repair, handrail installation, and drywall replacement. All volunteer groups are led by contractors. Repairs done by licensed contractors may include the following:


Staying warm

  • Weatherstripping/caulking doors or windows

  • Adding insulation

  • Repairing/replacing heating/cooling unit

  • Replacing thermostat

  • Replacing ceiling fan

  • Installing window A/C unit

  • Hot water heater replacement


Staying safe

  • Replacing electrical outlet

  • Replacing electrical fixture

  • Making electrical repairs

  • Adding exterior security lights

  • Repairing/replacing rotten floor joists

  • Repairing/replacing compromised floor sheathing

  • Replacing rotted porch wood

  • Repairing/replacing steps

  • Rescreening porch or screen door

  • Replacing storm/front/screen door

  • Adding/repairing wheelchair ramp

  • Adding exterior handrails

  • Replacing broken window panes


Staying dry

  • Replacing/repairing roofs

  • Installing roof vents

  • Installing/repairing chimney flashing

  • Replacing shingles

  • Installing drip edge

  • Repairing/replacing gutters

  • Painting unprotected wood (per city citation)

  • Repairing fascia/soffit

  • Clearing debris from around exterior of home

  • Plumbing repair/replacement

  • Exterior painting


What we don't do

  • Cosmetic repairs (e.g., replacing fixtures that still work)

  • Repairing foundations

  • Cosmetic floor repairs (for example, replacing carpeting or linoleum)

  • New screening for unscreened porches

  • Replacing windows

  • Replacing galvanized pipe

  • Replacing tub

  • Interior painting

Sound like something you could use?

Check your eligibility to see if you're a good match.


Want to help?

You or your group can help by volunteering! No special skills are needed – our experienced contractors will show you what to do. You can also help by making a tax-deductible gift to HouseProud Atlanta.